Fairness, continuous improvement, commitment and trust are at the heart of our company

Our mission

You are...

You've embraced the digital transformation and you already anticipate the value you will create by placing IT and digitalisation at the heart of your development.

Because you see the bigger picture, because you wholeheartedly put innovation at the heart of your strategy, we are naturally symbiotic.

We are...

Software craftsmen, thirsty for knowledge, with experience in complex subjects, we solve challenges in a pragmatic manner. Backed by our core values of trust, commitment and continuous improvement, we love to make and create, with you.

Focused on quality, with a passion for ambitious projects and curious of everything, we put at your service our expert skills, our constantly renewed knowledge, our wide network and our honesty in order to build shared successes.

Our team

Three pillars anchor our strengths

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Kleis stands out with our ability to adapt agile methodologies to the context and teams taking part in the project. A pragmatic approach, based on experimentation (stakeholder feedback) and process mastery, with continuous improvement our guiding star.

Our sectors
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By leveraging DevOps and lean practices, Kleis delivers fast, reliable and production-ready software, providing your teams with optimal confidence on all fronts and the perfect conditions for a hassle-free deployment to production.

Our eco-products
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At Kleis, we believe that these two core abilities are at the heart of creativity and of your teams' capability to dream and innovate. During our missions we cross-pollinate, share and implement good practices with your teams to foster their autonomy and prepare our leave.

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